The commuters of the lost train: the story

"The commuters of the lost train" tells the adventures of Fagiolo Gions, the main character of 
the series, in he attempt to reach his place of work in Varosio, a far and forgotten town in 
Insubria region of lombardy (northern Italy).

After years of study and fatigue, at the important age of 30 years, Fagiolo leaves behind exams 
and professors to acquire the so long dreamed autonomy and finally exit from Pippiate Inferiore 
borders, his native town and, in a certain way, prison.

His low-performance car, a DeLoreal Shampoo XII, kindly given in leasing by his dear friend 
Faitul Losensor only for the unique trip from house to station, there and back (a sofisticated 
geo-localization system would turn off the car in case of 5m deviation off the track), is the 
trip companion on his long road.

Apart from this, our hero is alone ... almost !

Here our adventure begins, at Pippiate Inferiore station, where Fagiolo comes to take the train.


The commuters of the lost train: downloads

Final game release is available to download here.

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