Pitone Bites Back: the story

"Pitone Bites Back" is the sequel of "Commuters of the lost train."

Fagiolo Gions, having conquered with extreme fatigue the way to Varosio,
has to face the arrival to Pitone, the company where he was hired
as an intern, unpaid for indefinite time.

But in these dark times, even as last wheel of the wagon,
it is not easy to keep the jobs and Fagiolo and will have 
to show all his worth to save himself from slavery fate that awaits him
and his entire generation.

Therefore, arrived in Varosio, Fagiolo is alone in a new 
and inhospitable place, ready for the adventure waiting for him.

But Pitone is immediately present ...

ready to bite again!


Pitone Bites Back: downloads

The final version of the game is now available for download from here.

The official poster of the game:


A screenshot from the game:

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