Igor Ogobbo


 A life spent as an assistant to 
 a well-known surgeon, Igor is the wingman
 by definition. 

 With an unhealthy passion for centipedes, 
 this ambiguous character found 
 a natural place as alienated
 conductor in railway stations.

 His never ending commitment to the work 
 led his superiors to decide for 
 his 'promotion' (they succeeded to make 
 it pass as a career improvement)
 moving him in Pippiate Inferiore station:
 only the vapid customers of this town 
 can keep up with him and sometimes even 
 annihilate his innate nonsense.


Panamela Merletti


 Born as Ugo Driller, in the beginning was
 a child of dubious morality and sexual orientation 
 surely corresponding to his/her already outstanding 
 physical characteristics.

 To try to bring the boy/girl back on the right track
 and not to suffer his/her harassment also 
 during their holidays, the parents sent him/her 
 to a summer camp without much worry 
 about the persons to whom they were entrusting him/her: 
 Young Men Corruption Association, the sect known for
 the indoctrination of young people with the ultimate goal 
 to corrupt their bodies and their minds.

 Since his/her return Panamela repudiated his/her 
 parents and began the controversial working activities
 at the Pippiate Lower Station. 

 It is still not clear who is the protector, but
 rumors report about someone in very high position.

 Appointments can be taken from 8 to 24, 
 excluding holidays.


Don Bastone


 After the call of the Lord, 
 which strangely ot the line free, 
 as idealistic young priest he went
 as a missionary in Malawistan where, 
 just arrived, he found the love
 of the young daughter of the chief of 
 Tiralàcheiotiroquà tribe: Melatiro Candida.

 With her he took literally his role, 
 discarding all the other positions;
 for this gesture then he had to flee the wrath of
 her father and returned to civilization.
 He did not hear anything more of the woman, the father 
 and even of the tribe.

 He still has a tangible memory of that girl
 although in his mind only one woman
 deserves undying memory.

 After his adventure in Malawistan, 
 Don Bastone entered the alcoholism tunnel
 but discreetly.

 Despite this, no ban seems to stop him.


Mr. Periani


 Grumpy bum, ironic 
 like only the long, hard 
 and unjust working life 
 can make people. 

 But under the many filth layers,
 newspaper and miscellaneous stuffing, 
 a good heart lies that only Fagiolo 
 can discover and, 
 well let's say it, exploit. 

 With a minimum of incentive obviously, 
 because Naples people say
 "accà niscun'è fesso" ...