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Sloth Machines Digital: who we are

 "We are normal people doing special things!"
This would say who want to steal your donations.

But we are special people doing normal things, as someone says when generous, 
otherwise we are normal people doing mediocre things!

The Sloth Machines Digital (SMD) was founded in the long and cold winter of 2011 
from 2 "special" people making the "slothism" their lifestyle: 

Edoardo (graphics and bullshit) and Mauro (code and bullshit). 

It is not clear the exact origin and the real motivations, even if the discomfort due to 
global crisis, as well as personnel, may have led the two parties to distraction 
having fun, forgiving completely the actual quality of their creation.

Today, after so long time, SMD become an international corporation, and our 
work took inspirations from around the world and the website is even accessible 
from all the countries that have a 9600 modem. 

We are not even filtered in countries where human rights are not guaranteed, such as China, 
North Korea and Padania, just to name few of them.

Sloth Machines Digital: le tematiche

Le creazioni targate SMD si pongono l'obiettivo di denunciare le condizioni di vita disumane 
delle persone piu' sole ed indifese. 

Ad esempio i pendolari, come nel primo episodio delle avventure di Fagiolo Gions, 
sempre in balia delle intemperie, dei controllori e degli studenti.

Se volete che vengano approfonditi alcuni argomenti, fantozziani o meno, fatelo presente agli 
autori e in qualche modo verrete accontentati. Del resto anche tu, se stai leggendo, sei una 
persona sola ed indifesa.

Sloth Machines Digital: topics

The SMD creations are aimed to denounce the inhuman living conditions 
of lonely and defenseless people. 

For example commute, like in the first episode of the adventures of Fagiolo Gions, 
always at the mercy of the weather, of the controllers and of the students.

If you want to go deeper in some topics, tragic or not, notify this to 
authors and in some way you will be satisfied. In fact, if you're reading, you're a 
person lonely and defenseless too.