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Interview by the newspaper "Coin Me Up" magazine about videogames and numismatics

Welcome back!
        Mauro: thanks, but we were not lost
        Edo: thank you thank you
        Roberto: Thanks ... the pleasure is mine .... I'm new in this scenario, and on this stage :-)

So now you are 3?
        Mauro: Yes, but the CPU is one
        Edo: yes, like it or not, commuting has claimed another victim
        Robert: Yes, I was promoted from alpha tester ... I'm in career ... in SMD of course !!

Are you happy with the enormous success of FG1?
        Mauro: Amazing, is it really true that in this country the merit is not rewarded 
               but the connections ... we knew Fagiolo
        Edo: absolutely unexpected, but 20 downloads are beyond the most optimistic expectations
        Roberto: Well how not to be ... I saw Fagiolo creation from the "hands" of two of my
                 friends ... these moments mark you forever !! 

At what stage is episode 2 ?  You know there are high expectations ?
        Mauro: we are at the end of the second half ... almost at the third half of development!
        Edo: well I believe we are more or less close to the half, however, we have to release for October
        Roberto: we say that half of the job is almost done ...

You will keep all the promises made with the first episode?
        Mauro: which promises?
        Edo: which promises?
        Roberto: promises ???  Of course, every promise (of the other two sloths) is deal !!!

Now that you have more experience, we can expect a great jump forward?
        Mauro: actually I was hoping more about a great jump back of the 
               rest of the world ... and it is happening
        Edo: as a jaguar
        Roberto: "Only in the leap from the lion's head will he prove his worth
                  .... It's a leap of faith "

Can you disclose the title ?  How's the story of Fagiolo developing ?
        Mauro: The title is the third Pulcinella's secret, but only for your eyes, 
               we can exclusively reveal that there will be organosilanes elements
        Edo: as always we are inspired by our miserable life and few movies
        Robert: Yes, of course, the title will be beeeepp beeep beeeeeeeeeep

Will it still be full of quotes and witty dialogues or is the creative verve over ?
        Mauro: no to both questions
        Edo: we are 3, it can only improve, right Roby ?
        Roberto: we are working precisely for this !!!!  You're right Edo !!

Do you think FG2 is more challenging than FG1 ?
        Mauro: Yes, I had to train in the gym for months for the most 
		 athletic scenes ... I did not want the stunt, to not fool the fans!
        Edo: depends on the available tool, up to now for me it was easier
        Roberto: Well for me it will be for sure .... at least I hope :-)

There are still so many bugs?  More than one user complained
        Mauro: by frequent scrum meetings, AGILE implementation and lean thinking, 
               we can introduce many more bugs than before, but they will be 
				better tracked.
               In any case we are providing to reimburse the price of the game 
               for disgruntled users 
        Edo: we plan, we are focused
        Roberto: Without bugs ... what fun is it?  It's like to hunt for treasure

And the graphics?  Will it still be spartan as in FG2 ?
        Mauro: Yes, because THIS IS SPARTA!
        Edo: Yes, but this time it's REALLY a choice
        Roberto: Spartan ????  but it will be a art work, believe me!

How many characters will there be?  Someone from FG1 ?
        Mauro: absolutely yes, also because THEY LIVE
        Edo: Well many, certainly there will be nice comebacks
        Robert: Of course, the best never betray and will be present !!!

It will still be a mono-scene game or you have diversified ?
        Mauro: so many locations! Consider that we visited all the candidate places!
        Edo: eeeeh many locations ...
        Roberto: I'd say maybe ... too many locations but only for implementation reasons, 
                 for the game they were well chosen!

What was your greatest challenge of FG2 ?
        Mauro: to NOT spend money on a new laptop ... 
               I'm performing energy harvesting waiting for new batteries
        Edo: to spend money on the laptop, I 'burned' one year of xmas presents
        Roberto: to devote time to FG2 ... other sloths from this point of view 
                 are much more diligent ... I'll try to improve

You have a particular anecdote that you want to tell us ?
        Mauro: yes think that we are so focused on this new chapter, 
               that our chief graphic was able to forget 
               get off the train because he was busily engaged in finish 
               a key scene ... with british aplomb, once Roby made him notice, 
				he exclaimed "FAQ"
        Edo: no, every day is new
        Roberto: Well Mauro told about Edo ... I tell about Mauro 
                 (And no one will tell mine .... :-)) he was 
                 so focused on the repair of its notebook for SMD 
                 that he almost missed to exit the train at his stop ...
                 and here we can say he betrayed his sloth nature
                 and with a narrow footpath at once he closed the bag, took coat 
                 and he has literally fell off the train :-)  
                 how much dedication to work !!

How would you quantify your investment in SMD ?  Do you believe in the company ?
        Mauro: pretty good, bythe time I only produce worms !
               And I'm very good at it, so I strongly believe in the company
        Edo: faq
        Robert: Of course I do ... and I believe in his safe evolution 
                 (for those who have ears to hear !!!!)

And your real job? How much the development of FG2 impacts your main activity?
        Mauro: FG2 is my main activity
        Edo: faaaaq
        Roberto: Real job ????  Ah yes ... thanks to FG2 I can stand it :-)

Are you sure that it would be better for you to go to dig the ground ?
        Mauro: no, but I no longer have the physical; maybe I could efford a little of 'ikebana'
        Edo: not at all, I'm thinking about it
        Roberto: Not dig the earth, but repair and tuning cars ... maybe yes :-P

How do you split in percentage your commitment in FG2 between these three items:
	the will to tease guys you know, to create and to pass the time ?
        Mauro: 50 75 50 , or better, the first could be also 60
        Edo: 10 80 10
        Roberto: as two genius said to Leonardo "33 33 33"

Are you still confident of doing FG3 ?  If so, how will the story end ?
        Mauro: Sure, I think we will overcome he 2 dimensions ... 
               the end of the whole saga?  Still early to say ... there will be twists
        Edo: and as I know, we will decide at the last, as always
        Robert: Of course !!!  how it will end ... "We'll find it ... only traveling ..."

And then ? Will we see Fagiolo again ? On which platforms ?
        Mauro: We are thinking of a COIN-OP version, one for the Commodore 64/128 ... 
				we think these are the future of personal computing!
        Edo: we're working on it
        Roberto: See previous answer about company evolution ....

Are you still commuters?
        Mauro: no other way !
        Edo: inside and outside
        Roberto: more and more, and honestly, I still hope for more than six months !!!!

Do you want to add something?
        Mauro: a pinch of salt 
        Edo: well no thanks
        Roberto: posters will judge

Thank you for granting us this interview!
        Mauro: You're welcome; more than anything else was an idea by ​​Edo 
               ... he needed money ... you do money transfer or by cash ? 
        Edo: money, when ?
        Roberto: It was a real pleasure ... ah right ... euros ??? 
                 in 70 cents coins thanks :-)


Chronicle of an announced crash :

What can go wrong within few hours to the release of a SW ?

Yes, during the last bug fixing session carried out in our office 
"Varese - Milan Cadorna, it stops at all stations", the chief software engineer pc has 
off was during a saving, losing much of the work of the last days!

Fortunately, the crisis unit has succeeded in fixing the case and, 
although some traces of bugs, 
we arrived on time for the alpha release!

Thanks to all, except to office power suppliers !!!!!

We hope they'll suffer throughout their miserable lives !!!


Interview :

What's your name?
	 Mauro: Mauro
	 Edo: call me Edo

Do you have a nickname?
	 Mauro: Slarappa
	 Edo: I have some but I won't tell you them

How did you come to mind to create a video game?
	 Mauro: I have some messages to bring to the world
	 Edo: I did not think of anything, it was that pervert of my colleague

There is something autobiographical?
	 Mauro: certainly
	 Edo: Of course, one is always putting something of himselves in his creations

How long did it take ?
	 Mauro: brilliant ideas are the result of a unique and unrepeatable moment ... next step is long
	 Edo: the right amount of time

Did you have fun?
	 Mauro: a lot, in fact, it's not the end
	 Edo: Well yes

You have felt anger and frustration?
	 Mauro: see next question
	 Edo: Eh, you know, you can not always do what you want

What job do you do ?
	 Mauro: I do not know very well, I do a bit of everything without knowing why
	 Edo: The slave, more or less.  In Varese.

The characters are real?
	 Mauro: Well they were inspired by people / real characters
	 Edo: Some more, some less.

Who is for you Fagiolo ?
	 Mauro: the desire for redemption and self-determination that is in each of us
	 Edo: It is the symbol of the modern commuter, and also the typical employee at the company I work for.

Who is really Fagiolo ?
	 Mauro: a fool who studied years to find a job away from home and underpaid
	 Edo: It is a story of a person who was indirectly and briefly part of my working life.

How many episodes are there?
	 Mauro: I would think at least 3
	 Edo: First things first ... for now one, ideally 3-4.  None definitive ...

What prospects do you have?
	 Mauro: None, I just want to create
	 Edo: None.

What is the catchment area of ​​your games?
	 Mauro: lovers of extreme stories and adventures that leave you breathless
	 Edo: I do not know, I nver studied anatomy.

How many resources did you spend?
	 Mauro: Well the dedicated time is the only resource spent
	 Edo: I had to buy a tablet. 
          Yes, I know, one would not think it was used ... 
		  in any case I would have taken one even without Fagiolo!

Do you think you will gain success ?
	 Mauro: Yes, but it is not the goal
	 Edo: Maybe posthumously.

You want to anticipate anything of Episode 2 ?
	 Mauro will be more diverse and "mature", with technical improvements and few arcade phases
	 Edo: Maybe I'll try to improve the graphics, if I'm in the mood.